But Surely They’ll Realize He’s Insane, Right?

Mark Blumenthal asks the interesting question: if McCain drops out of the race, where do his supporters go?  He posts a Cook Political Report survey that weighs in on just that, and the winner is Rudolph William Lewis Giuliani:


I lack utterly the inclination to study polling mathematics so I’m not going to try and argue with this bump for the mayor.  I would, however, like to point out one thing: is it really at all relevant that Giuliani gets a boost should McCain capitulate?  I do not forsee ANY possibility, save the death of every other GOP candidate, that Giuliani wins the nomination.  This man has more skeletons in his closet than the curator of the Smithsonian.  The Bernie Kerik fiasco alone should put the Oval Office out of Rudy’s reach.  Beyond that, we have his personal life, which is an abject mess.  Will Americans vote for a guy who can’t win an endorsement from his own children?  Or who keeps company with pederasts?  If those two major issues weren’t enough, now we’ve got the firefighters’ union shedding some much-needed light on his callous, avaricious, myopic mismanagement of his one and only campaign strength – the 9/11 aftermath.  If you yank that pole out of the ground, this entire tent collapses.  Rudy is hanging around in the polls while the attention of the electorate is diffused among a gaggle of possible candidates.  When the gauntlet starts to winnow the field and Republicans are left to contemplate actually VOTING him to the most powerful office on the planet, Rudy’s smorgasboard of distasteful traits and behaviors will certainly push them in whatever alternative direction exists.  This man cannot win the nomination.  He simply cannot do it.


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