Good Thing SOMEBODY Has Their Eye on the Ball

From Abdul Sattar Murad, governor of the Afghan province of Kapisa, interviewed in Newsweek:

The U.S. is not receiving full cooperation from Pakistan. Pakistan is cooperating, but the ISI faction, which knows where Al Qaeda is, is not really forthcoming to U.S. intelligence. Inside Afghanistan, there is also a lack of cooperation. The recent resentment created among former leaders who were involved in the war against the Taliban has created a gap between the government and these people, and this is naturally hurting the efforts to find Al Qaeda. Americans, again, are not receiving good information from those leaders, who can play a key role in capturing Mullah Omar and Osama, if he is in Afghanistan. Unless there is a change in this situation, you will see this gap increase day by day.

From Cindy in Covedale, who wrote into the Cincinnati Enquirer (scroll down to the bottom):

This year was the second time I attended Paddlefest to watch a family member participate. It is so neat to see the canoes in mass on the river. Your photos of the event were awful. The canoe with five people in it was fine, but with 1,500 people participating and 1,000 boats a picture of how unique it looks on the river would be better. The boats sitting on Public Landing was a stupid picture as well. And showing a picture of someone singing at the after-event had nothing to do with the event. Show the canoes or kayakers. Show groups paddling. Show them at the start when there were quite a few in water. Be on a boat for the best pictures of anything.

I’m really glad she spoke up.


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