To the fiery pit of Tartarus with the Oscars, the Emmys, the Daytime Emmys, the Tonys (that’s the one where they give awards to plays), the People’s Choice Awards, and the Golden Globes.  July 31st is far and away the greatest day on 2007’s entertainment calendar, as both 300 AND Pathfinder hit the shelves on DVD.  In case you’re some sort of Zach Braff fan pantywaist and didn’t see either of these, these films are about two of the ass-kickingest peoples in ancient history, the Spartans and the Vikings, doing what they do best:  killing people with swords.  If that’s not enough for you, Mary, then here are two little nuggets that ought to entice you into buying:

1.  Pathfinder is premised on what is perhaps the greatest idea in the history of movie-making:  Indians versus Vikings.  Also, the Viking chief is played by Brother Justin himself, Clancy Brown.   

2.  The theme of brave, righteous Spartan warriors standing tall in the face of despotism and decadence in the form of ancient Persia can be viewed as a thinly veiled “fuck you” to Iran.  So really, if you don’t purchase 300, you support Iran’s plan to get a nuclear bomb.  And the NSA knows all about it; you don’t think they can data mine that?

So buy ’em here, and here.



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  1. fuck you men

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