I Told You Ted Stevens Was Crooked

Ted Stevens, who, as you might remember, was the inagural victim of The Cut List on this…very…blog, remodeled his Anchorage home in 2000.  The remodeling DOUBLED the size of the house (didn’t solve that ugly problem, though).  The construction project was “overseen” by a guy named Bill Allen, whose day job is CEO of VECO Corporation, an oil pipeline and infrastructure company.  According to one contractor, the bills were sent to VECO.  I’ll say that again:  Ted Stevens, extremely senior senator from Alaska, had his home remodeling PAID FOR BY AN OIL COMPANY.  Oh, and Bill Allen pled guilty this past May to bribery.  So, you know…everything looks on the up and up there.

The Economist has a nice little summary about this corruption case and others in Alaska ri’chere.


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