Vladimir Putin Needs a Mustache to Twirl and a Black Cat to Stroke

 walter-2.jpg by Civilizer

Back on August 1, I postulated that Vladimir Putin, in the wake of his bid to claim the North Pole for Mother Russia, might well have moved into a class of international villainy all his own and left the rest of the field in the dust.  Now comes this article from today’s New York Times – here’s the lede:

“The Republic of Georgia presented what it called a mounting body of evidence on Wednesday that a Russian warplane had entered deep into its airspace and fired an air-to-ground missile. It said it was seeking a special session of the United Nations Security Council to address the matter.”

What in holy hell is the deal?  President Bush comes in for a lot of criticism, and it’s probably not unreasonable to assert he’s the most hated leader around the world.  But say what you will about Dubya, he’s never ordered an F-16 to skip over into Mexico and let a Sidewinder missile loose because those damn ‘ferrners keep crossing the border and talking all the glamorous janitor jobs.  Yet Putin gets to pull all kinds of wild crap and nobody says a word.  A Russian intelligence expert goes on T.V. and says Putin was behind the polonium-210 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, and he gets shot 4 days later.  In his driveway.  In Maryland.  It was reported in 2006 that Moscow was asking Russian schools to provide a list of pupils with Georgian surnames, and it wasn’t because the government was planning a Georgian pride parade.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Putin’s government (allegedly – a gross abuse of that word if there ever was one) blew up the gasline that keeps Georgia warm in the brutal winter of 2006.  And now, for the second time, apparently, Russia made a military incursion into the country and dropped ordnance.  Unbelievable.  Ever since 2003’s Rose Revolution put pro-Western candidate Mikhail Saakashavilli into the presidency, Putin and his goons have been all over Georgia like ugly on a Russian woman. Once Georgia announced a desire to leave the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2006, it has just gotten worse.

Georgia is asking a special session of the U.N. Security Council to investigate.  It will be a damn shame if they aren’t granted one.  Russia is doing what it does best (besides piss all over its own constitution), dissembling; Putin denies involvement, but Georgia says it has radar records that clearly show a plane take off from Russia, fly to where the missile was fired, then turn around and fly back into Russia.   So if the Council wants to handle this in its typical limp-wristed fashion and decide not to convene (“out of respect for due process” or some shit) unless Georgia has a smoking gun, well, there it is.  Once again, Georgia is having trouble rallying international support for its grievances (trying to build a case against the world’s largest exporter of natural gas can be tough), but thank God for Britain.  Still clearly pissed about the whole polonium-210 thing, my hero Gordon Brown and the rest of the Queen’s men are standing with Georgia and calling for an investigation as well.

Following 9/11 in October of 2001, President Bush (in one of the few good ideas he had to deal with threats foreign and domestic) signed an intelligence “finding” making it legal for U.S. forces to kill named terrorists, untying the hands of the CIA in regards to political assassinations.  If you ask me, Putin is a terrorist if there ever was one.  And we have aaaalllll that radioactive material lying around…


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