An Apology to All the Goths

bela-lugosi-dracula.jpg by Scary Civilizer

For those of you that don’t have blogs of your own, most of the blog sites, including WordPress, have a fun little administrative tool that tells you exactly how readers landed at your blog.  If somebody e-mailed them a link to your blog, it tells you that you got a visit from Hotmail, or Gmail, or what have you.  It’s neat.  But what’s even better is the search engine tracker – whatever somebody plugged into Google that pointed them to your blog, you get to see it.  So, if somebody searched for “Toyota PM” and my blog came up, and that somebody clicked the link, WordPress tells me that somebody found All Things In Their Place because they were searching for “Toyota PM.”  It’s probably my favorite thing on here, because some of the searches that people run are really, really weird.  “All things go get your best young man,” for example.  Huh? 

Over the past week or so, however, there have been an inordinate amount of vampire-related searches.  Obviously, my post regarding John Carpenter’s Vampires is what’s pulling these folks in, which brings me to my apology.  The majority of the vampire searches have been for vampire fashion, vampire body art, pictures of vampires, vampire lore, and vampire history, so for all of you who got pointed in the direction of this blog while you were looking for this stuff and found a review for a B-movie starring James Woods, and then a bunch of crap about Vladimir Putin, the environment, mountaintop removal coal mining, and other topics that have nothing to do with sucking the blood of the living, I am sorry that you were disappointed.  Please accept this photograph of Peter Murphy from Bauhaus singing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” while upside down at Coachella as a token of my penitence:


On the other hand, this whole thing has woken me up to the fact that vampires are where the traffic is at, so maybe I’ll have to feature them far more heavily.  Although the posts about Vladimir Putin should already qualify.


One Response

  1. I am so glad you did this post. I am always amazed at the search engine strings put him. Most make sense but most make me wonder how the heck did they find me with that string.

    When I recently moved off I hated to loss that part of my dashboard but the wonderful people at made a plug in of the same stats counter, so I am back to my daily entertainment.

    Vampires, hmmm….since I have a political blog I guess vampires and politicians are the same thing. Could work.

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