Every Time I Flirt With Deism, Something Brings Me Back: Quote of the Day

From an Associated Press article on the recent arrest of O.J. Simpson, getting Orenthal’s explanation for not going through legal channels to reclaim what he says is his memorabilia, precipitating the felony robbery charges now pending:

“Simpson told The Associated Press on Saturday that he did not call the police to help reclaim the items because he has found the police unresponsive to him ever since his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were killed in 1994.”


Orenthal’s mugshot.  Sorry Friedrich, but God is certainly not dead

HA!  “Has found the police unresponsive to him”!  Oh that’s delicious.  The words are like sweet, powdered sugar dusted onto my very soul.  He or perhaps She isn’t just a Clockmaker God after all.