Link? LINK?! Oh, This Will Not Do.

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It’s a common complaint today that the powers that be are out of touch with the average person, that grassroots movements can’t stand up to the slick, well-financed corporate cabal with its political access and marketplace domination.  “I can’t make a difference” is the sad conclusion that a lot of people come to after years of reading the news, going to town hall meetings, and casting their vote.  Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s an issue of paramount importance facing the public right now, and your vote can make all the difference.  Don’t screw this up.

Over at IGN, there’s a “Hero Showdown” happening, pitting Nintendo’s Link, hero of the Legend of Zelda series of games, against one Cloud Strife, ass-kicking, impeccably coiffed protagonist of the greatest video game ever made, Final Fantasy VII.  (Suck it, Contra)  It’s a simple pick-and-click, where you choose the guy you think would win in a fight.  And as of this writing, Link is winning, and winning big – 64% to 36%. 

This cannot stand.  Just to get everyone up to speed, this is Link:


Real men don’t use shields.  I certainly don’t.

Look at the guy.  He’s like 5’6″ and maybe a buck twenty-five.  He has some magic weapons, notably the Master Sword, and he’s an elf, which is only cool sometimes, not always.  Link makes a living beating up on meat-headed demons and wizards and saving Princess Zelda over and over again, when what he ought to be doing is putting his foot down and telling her if she’d pony up for a damn bodyguard, he wouldn’t have to go chasing her ass all over Hyrule.  So not only is he scrawny, he’s whipped.  Impressed?

Now here is Cloud:


Isn’t that silver lion thing awesome?  Yeah, Link doesn’t have one of those.

Cloud is a genetically enhanced former member of an elite paramilitary corps who, in the course of FFVII, joins an underground movement called AVALANCHE dedicated to freeing its populace from the environmentally crushing grip of the evil Shinra corporation.  Along the way, it is revealed that one of the results of Shinra’s many insidious experiments was the creation of a nearly unstoppable, supernatural super-soldier named Sephiroth, hands-down the best villain in the history of video games.  And Cloud takes him down, so on a strength of schedule basis, Cloud drops Link like a bag of bricks.

Plus, Cloud wields the Buster Sword.  It’s awesome.  For comparison, here is Link’s “Master Sword” and here is Cloud’s Buster Sword:


Master Sword  


Buster Sword – All 8 feet of it

Sorry, but the Buster Sword eats the Master Sword’s lunch.  It’s frickin’ huge, look at it!  It’s like he’s swinging a sharpened I-beam around!  You can’t tell me that if Cloud and Link go head to head, and Link has that metal toothpick of his, and Cloud has the Buster Sword, that Cloud doesn’t dissect Link like a frog in biology class.

For Link to get past Cloud in IGN’s Hero Showdown would be a disgrace, and this country can ill-afford another one.  Are we really going let Alberto Gonzales remain attorney general for as long as he did AND deem frigging Link the superior man in a knock-down drag-out with Cloud Strife?  America, get over to and set this right.  We couldn’t save SCHIP, but if we can put Cloud Strife over the top, the year isn’t a total loss.


43 Responses

  1. Look thought they have different weapons i think there would be a long fight ahead for the both of them though Link has smaller weapons, he more than makes up for that with agility while cloud is slower but does more damage.

    if you agree or disagree e-mail me @:

  2. ok link would hand clouds ass to him on an engraved plater by roling behind him and slicing it off befor clod even drew that huge yet awsom sword.

  3. […] Marvel universe and Final Fantasy VII, respectively.  Cloud is putting asses in seats because of my post explaining why he could kick Legend of Zelda’s Link’s ass in a fight.  I haven’t even blogged about Silver Surfer, I just put up a picture of him sailing the […]

  4. First off, Link has arrows that could melt, freeze, or explode Cloud and his sword with one shot not to mention he has equipment like the claw shot that he could use to escape an attack or imobilze Cloud. Second, Link can stand up to Cloud and his sword because1) he has the master sword which is magic and indistructible, 2) he’s got the power of the gods on his side, aka the Triforce (forgot about that didn’t you civilizer) 3) he has potions that would heal him and he has armour that effectively makes him invincible, and 4) he’s faster and more skilled than Cloud so Cloud would be dead before he even knew it. Third, Link defeated Ganondorf who Cloud doesn’t hold a candle to and not just because he doesn’t have the master sword. Do I really need to keep going? “Sorry” to say it but Link beats Cloud hands down; so if you think that Cloud would win you can go jump off a cliff.

  5. Out of many of the things that you seem to forget is that, while Cloud has his amazingly huge sharpened iron slab of a sword, Link’s power is in his entire arsenal ranging from a boomerang, to a recurved bow, to the Hook Shot and the Megaton Hammer. Not only that, but Link also has the option of stowing away the Master Sword in favor of the Biggoron Sword (a blade that fits Cloud’s taste in weaponry like a glove) which he wields with absolute authority – something that Cloud “achieved” through training and genetic manipulation. Also, Link defeated Ganondorf and Ganon by himself (or with Navi’s help if you really want to split hairs). Cloud required the help of his comrades to take on Sephiroth. Even in Advent Children, Cloud would have died had he not received the aide of Aerith, the soul of a woman that he couldn’t even save. So if Cloud wants to have a shot at taking on the Hero of Time on his own, he’ll have to be more than a one-trick pony with an eight-foot slab of metal.

  6. Link has the body of a 12 year-old. That is all I have to say. A 12 year-old.

  7. What are you talking about? The only time Link had the body of a child is when he actually was a child. I’m talking about Adult Link, who’s trim, muscular frame is ideal for the exact form of combat that he uses. It doesn’t hurt my argument that he’s doing all of his acrobatics in a chain shirt, which anybody has worn one can tell you that they’re a pain to do any extreme movement int. However, if you want to argue the skill level of Young Link, age has never stopped him from dominating against the biggest nasties opposing him. Take all of Link’s experience from fighting his entire life and combine it with the Master Sword and he’s more than a match for anybody.

  8. I also want to get this out of the way: That “Awesome sliver lion thing” is a wolf. But yes, it is pretty awesome. If I had Cloud’s outfit, that’s where I’d hang my keys. However, the miniature door knocker on Cloud’s shoulder pad doesn’t hold a candle to Link’s ability to transform into the same animal in Twilight Princess. I don’t know about you, but I’d take superpowers over jewelry any day of the week.

  9. Not to completely geek out here, but while Link’s ability to transform into a wolf is all well and good, I think you are underestimating the power of Summon materia.

  10. By all means, geeking out here is completely encouraged, and I won’t be the last to admit that his trick with materia is, at the very least, slightly intimidating. But It’s not enough to sway my opinion for the soul reason that the Master Sword’s lovely trick of reflecting magical attacks back on it’s caster. Also, many of the attacks that I’ve seen look similar to boss battles that Link’s been in, minus the advantage to him that he doesn’t actually need to destroy the monster, he just needs to dodge their attacks for fifteen seconds. And if, for the sake of argument, that Link gets caught in a double whammy onslaught of a materia summon and Cloud’s limit break attack and Link feels a little wooshy, Link’s weapon/item versatility comes into play again with his bottled fairies, of which he has four, and I doubt that the fight would go on long enough for Cloud to pull off another limit break attack, let alone three.

  11. What are you people smoking? Cloud would destroy anybody(up to a super saiyan atleast). In any footage of Cloud he is wielding his sword like a champion, just as good if not far better than Link. Who does look like a 12 year old boy as an adult, and a 5 year old as a child. Link can beat a guy that rides on a horse in and out of mirrors, while Cloud can take on the Ultima weapon alone if in the right hands. Face link and all of his glory against that thing? A mirror shield can only do so much…

    The simple fact is Cloud has the same speed at least, more magical abilities by far, more strength by far, and multiple hot chicks throwing themselves at his feet. This is no debate.

    (As for bottled fairies, isn’t there a steal materia?)

  12. Ignoring the fact that you brought Dragonball Z into the conversation, what you seem to forget about who Link’s true enemy is compared to Cloud: While Cloud battles an insane bishonen with a sword longer than FFVII’s storyline, Link has to go toe to toe against both Ganondorf and Ganon, the first of which is the most powerful wizard in the world (with the triforce of power stacked on top of that), and the second being a God. And if that wasn’t enough, he has to deal with these people almost simultaneously. I don’t care who you are, but single-handedly beating down a master of the arcane buffed with cheat codes and the god of darkness in the same day is nothing to thumb your nose at.

    And to refute your other arguments, Cloud may have the same speed as Link, but that only matters if he’s running away from him. Cloud’s magical abilities may be more expansive (assuming you’re right), but both his sword and shield are designed to reflect any magical attacks. And let’s just look at the women who throw themselves at Cloud’s feet. The only two worth naming are Tifa and Aeris (who dies). Depending on how you play, you can add Barret to that list, but I would neither classify him as either hot nor female. Link’s lineup consists of at least two princesses, an elf, a ranch maiden, and I don’t even remember who else.

    Assuming that last part has anything to do with combat, of course, which I doubt.

  13. umm cloud doesnt have the buster sword any more. is in zacks grave.. instead. the sword you saw was a new one that he has.. its actually 6 swords combined in to one. and can be seperated anytime. if you watch the movie youl see what i mean. his bike opens up at the sides with three swords on each side. its totally awesome. trust me. cloud wil by no doubt own links ass. he defeated a villian who is classed as the worlds best and strongest villian.. not to mention that his speed is un matched. his skill on a bike is unmatched if cloud and link had a race and fight on bikes. link would be left on the starting line dead. dont underestimate cloud. and with no girl aafter cloud. youre wrong. theres like real girls going after him leta lone video characters. i think (and know) that cloud is no doubt the better fighter than link..
    whoooohoooo… go ff7 all the way!!!!!!!

    ps. final fantasy 7 is more popular and better selling than whats its name…..ummm zelda..!!!! ff7 owns all ass..

    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FeRRaZ wins

  14. I’d have to say……Link…I guess…

  15. How does the number of swords Cloud has, the fame of his one title, or his skill with a motorcycle equal into his fighting prowess at all? If these are the reasons why you like him, then that’s great. However, none of these things would determine how well he’d fare in a fight, so I’m just going to skip to the relevant things.

    I have never doubted Cloud’s fighting ability at all. His fast reflexes, magical marbles, and knack for twirling a gigantic slab of metal like it was a cheerleader’s baton have all been stated, and I have never said that any of these were false. However, you all seem to forget that Cloud’s true strength come from his allies, and this is a one-on-one fight, meaning you have severely handicapped your own man. Link doesn’t travel with a party – that’s the point. The story of the Zelda games is that Link is the one person, chosen by the goddesses themselves, who can save the world and nobody else. He does not have the luxury of specializing like Cloud does, but the fact is that his travels alone have made him an ace of all trades, a gift that Cloud hasn’t a dream of achieving. The unpleasant but true fact is that, as long as Cloud is on his own, the cards are stacked severely in Link’s favor.

  16. well, in here it says: HERO showdown.. not: WHO’S THE HOTTEST STRONGEST GIRL-MAGNET showdown.
    So when talking about saving the day really hero-like, well Link obviously wins…

    Cloud is always complaining, regreting things, dramatic, he doubts himself, he says: “why can’t I save anyone T.T”.. and is like obsessed with a dead girl o.O.. he has his friend’s help, and their good.. and I mean REALLY good.. and they’re a lot.. so he doesn’t do it all by himself, and without their help, the bad guys would sweep the floor with him.

    Now Link, he saves Hyrule over and over, and keeps saving Zelda’s ass… and he does it by HIMSELF, ALONE, WITH NO ONE, OVER AND OVER.. he travels through time and bla bla bla, and saves ALL of Hyrule and kicks Ganondorf’s ass big time.. and heck, Ganon’s like a cow, seriously, he’s fricking huge! and while doing that, he even has time to shop, what the heck! and to look for little buggiess and poes and all that crap! xD and he wins!!

    So yeah, I vote 4 Link… no wonder he’s winning, so..

  17. What are you guys talking about? We’d never fight.

  18. Yeah. We’re “BFF.”

  19. Hey! Link can summons very powerful magic too. Remember the medallions in a LTTP (big explosions, quakes or lightning al over the screen), or the cristals in Ocarina of Time, that summon the power ef the three goddesses.

  20. Cloud would summon Bahamut… fight is over.. Cloud wins. You all seem to forget Cloud has potions too, and the power of the planet plus if Cloud got killed he would have equiped final attack materia and all Cloud would have to do is summon Phoenix and be revived while Link is melted to a pile of goo. Yeah that’s right Cloud has the powers of the earth by his side and he too has equipment to make him almost invincible plus he don’t always need potions he has healing materia. Oh and he would counter Link’s sorry ass magic with REFLECT materia equiped.. Let’s face it Cloud would win and not HE IS NOT SLOW he is really fast did you not see the AC movie? Plus he can jump higher, move faster and has a LIMIT break that kills!!!! OMNISLASH! oh you little link fans forgot about that didn’t YA! CLOUD WINS OVER LINK HANDS DOWN!

  21. You forget Link has faeries in his bottles so he would be revived as well…and all he needs is his mirror shield to deflect any magic Cloud uses… and while Cloud has the power of the planet, Link has the power of the Goddesses. So yeah, nice try, but Link would beat Cloud any day… Especially if Link puts on the Feirce Deity’s Mask… then no summon materia could help Cloud…

  22. comparing Link to Cloud is like comparing a ’64 Mustang to the current model Mustang that came out in 05. The Legend of Zelda is one of the most classic video games of all time, and IMO is the best game ever made for NES, the best console ever IMO. sure, it might be more fun to play xbox 360 but it wouldn’t exist without NES, just like Cloud wouldn’t exist without Link. even if Cloud did manage to kill Link, he would die too and disappear like Michael J. Fox almost did in back to the future. Link is way too classic to even be part of such a vote.

  23. They don’t even belong in the same universe…it’s like asking who will win, aliens or angels? If they fight, the one controled by the better gamer will win. But if I had to vote, I’d vote for cloud. My choice has nothing to do with their fighting abilities

  24. Ok, I am a major fan of both Legend of Zelda AND Final Fantasy 7, so for me this is like picking pie over cake. But look at this; Cloud did have to beat Sephiroth with his bffs, but he only did because they wouldn’t let him go alone. Link has to trudge his ass all over Hyrule to get crap that will make him stronger (or some weird demon princess, if you wanna get picky). Comparing the dudes they fight, Link fights a god and a demon magician, while cloud fights sephiroth, the with out a doubt coolest villian of all time, who is the equivalent of a god (fighting a guy who can control you isnt an easy thing) Sure, Link has a shorter sword than Cloud, but Link cuts a good amount of the crap and gets down to buisness; Cloud has a tendency to pms about things he couldnt change. But, link also has no dialogue, which is a bit of a turnoff, and cloud killed the same guy twice, at around the same, if not greater, power level. So in a one on one fight, I honestly say that it might actually end up as a draw, with Cloud’s antigravity abilities and Links magical resistance and huge arsenal (although I gotta say, if you can cleave a guy with an eight foot sword in a few swipes, why would you summon a giant magical demon to do your bidding?) So I’m going to go with a tie.

  25. Tie, definately an amazing epic combat that will end in a dramatic and destructive tie.

  26. pshh.. and what the heck does he mean with “Real men don’t use shields. I certainly don’t.”
    that’s the stupidest thing i’ve heard ¬¬. what an ego! and it has nothing to do with this!
    if you went into battle without a shield, you wouldn’t even get to kill anyone before they killed you xD
    don’t compare yourself with Cloud ¬¬

    anyway.. Cloud is not so bad, but what i don’t like about him is that he seems to fight more for himself and his personal problems than he does for the world.
    Link figths for all of Hyrule’s ass and doesn’t complain (because he can’t lol xD) but come on, the quiet ones are always the most interesting OwO wajajaj

  27. Why don’t you guys calm down? It’s a fucking popularity contest. Chill the fuck out. Stop making it a bigger deal than it is.

  28. Hahaha!!! All you Link fans keep saying he does everything alone, while in fact he has gods, an irritating faerie, some triforce magic shit, and a shitload of friends, ranging from fat idiotic gorons, to stupid ass water people… While Cloud on the other hand, avoids some of his best friends just to protect them. If that act of self-sacrifice doesn’t amount to something, you Link fans really are on crack. True, Link has arrows, boomerangs, and magic that to some extent is worthy of praise, but Cloud… Cloud has a sword and some materia… What i’m saying is that if this comes down to physical attributes, an adult with a huge ass sword who can pick bikes up with ease does seem a bit stronger than some faggy spikey eared seventeen year old who still hasn’t reached puberty… As for weapons, Link needs ’em… But lets see now… Arrows… Hmmm… As I recall Cloud can block bullets with a 50 pound sword… (Yeah, that’s right… He can move a huge sword fast enough to hit a bullet in midair…) And when Cloud’s hands were occupied fighting two kick ass bad guys, riding his bike, and struggling with a deadly illness AT THE SAME TIME, he got shot in the head… And survived… Later in the movie Cloud gets a bullet all the way through his body and got back up and fought with a hole through him… I don’t think arrows would do much damage… As for Link’s bombs, Cloud got blown up with a shitload of fire and survived… And boomerangs… You know what? Let’s face it… Who in this time period uses a boomerang? Also, Cloud killed a huuuuuge dragon thing called Bahamut Sin… Lets see Link do that with his little pocket knife… Let’s not even get into magic cuz Cloud is a SOLDIER which is like, the highest class of warriors out there… I don’t even wanna imagine what would happen to me if I met Cloud in a dark alley… Welp… As my conclusion I would like you to honestly think before you make a decision… Who’s gonna win? A SOLDIER? Or some fairy owning teenager wearing a skirt?…

  29. Of course it’s a popularity contest. Do you honestly think Nintendo and Square Enix would actually make a game where the all-stars of each company would fight each other? No, but we are fan-boys, and its fun to think about.
    It’s a shame, though. I’d love to see Kefka do terrible things to Kirby.

  30. Hmmmm… this sounds like it would be a really fun battle to watch! 😀

    Personally I don’t really care who wins. Both fighters are strong, agile, experienced and a fair artillery of attacks to use. Both could heal themselves during battle, both have magical powers and to top it off, they both have blonde hair and blue eyes. lol
    One thing that I find interesting though, which link is the challenger? There are sooooooo many different links with different abilities. Heck, there’s four links in the four swords game!
    If I had to pick a version of Link to go against Cloud, I think I’d pick the Twilight Princess Version. He’s got so many more weapons in that game and a supped up tunic. ( not to mention the rupee eating magic armor!)
    But Cloud has one thing Link doesn’t have: Summon Materia. I’d hate to see Link facing the “Knights of the Round”.

    So I guess I’d vote for both of them. My ideal situation would be a tie.

    Course, since it’s a popularity contest, I’m pretty sure Link’s gonna take it. He’s been around for longer and he’s reached a whole new generation of kids who probably didn’t get the chance to play ff7. Let’s face it, until they re-make ff7 (if they do), Cloud’s probably gonna sit on the back burner. 😦

  31. Link is so much better then cloud. Link bears with physichal and mental things that cloud would never even understasnd. Really big swords take less skill cause its just swing and hit. Link is a swordsman. Link>cloud end of story.

  32. And your comment about real men dont wear shoes really offends me… like wtf???!!!?!?!! REAL MEN DON”T WEAR SHEILDS?!?!???!?!??!?!?!??! the spartans Phaleenx were strong because of their shields, the greek hoplites could freaking kill some one with a single blow from their shields . Shields are the real way to fight.+

  33. theres no question link would kick the crap out of cloud. the fact that link has been fighting and training all his life combined with the master sword… yeah dont even question it. look at the dodongo, or the gohma link whiped both of then. all link needs is the mirror shield and he could reflect clouds materia crap right up his ass. Link could lay clouds bloody smashed body out on the table any day!

  34. this is an interesting debate, and i am suprised to see myself commenting, but all of you people trying to say some pansy named cloud is gonna kick links ass… its ludacris. link is the chosen hero. all that stand in link’s way perish. he has to solve dozens of puzzles in every temple he goes to. on top of that, every temple link ever went to had a boss, which is most definitely sufficient comparison material to anything cloud can summon. so if link not only willingly does so, but is also destined to destroy multitudes of big bad asses, its no contest. true, link does not speak. i think this is one of his best features. he definitely doesn’t cry when he fails to save someone. you know why? link never fails to save anyone. link is infallible in his deeds. he can be manipulated, but all in all link is the greatest hero of all time. hands down. you speak of sephiroth to say he is a bigger badass than ganondorf. this is completely untrue, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. at any rate, i’m sure link would willingly fight and kill sephiroth or cloud if pitted against one or the other. link does not back down and link does not lose. they are not even in the same tier of heroes. cloud is more qualified to fight someone like tidus or wakka. maybe he could win that. all that stand in link’s way perish.

  35. about the shield thing with link, you don’t have to use a sheild, you just don’t equip one, or, you burn your first sheild, (wood) then don’t buy another one

  36. Cloud = Dresses like a girl = Fail
    Sephiroth = Emo = Fail

    Sorry, but Link would win in a handicap match versus Yoda and Chuck Norris while either unarmed, or dual-wielding Masamune and the Buster Sword simultaneously.

    Cloud had his moments, but Sephiroth is way overrated and Advent Children was nothing short of 100% pure fail. I had love for FF7 and Advent Children made me ashamed of that love.

    Don’t even bring DBZ into this discussion, for it to be interesting, it has to have a set of rules to follow, not just “OMG TEH POWAR OF A SUPAR SAYING IS OVER 900! HE CULD DESTROI A PLANIT! :: does E. Honda hand thing for 7 episodes ::”

  37. Cloud Vs Link
    if they would fight hand to hand
    no buster
    no master
    Cloud would kick is ass time and time again

  38. Link vs Cloud
    Link could roll around and slice off Cloud’s fat head before Cloud could even turn around with the crappy 8 foot sword!!!!!
    END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I love link!!!!

  39. Link would kick clouds ass any time. I think that in a unarmed match, cloud would probably win. But in an armed match Link has the master sword, the mirror shield, and the dozen other weapons he has mastered. And link has magic.

  40. Actually, now that I think of it, Link may be one of the most powerful videogame protagonists in history. Link can time warp, Link can space warp, Link can space-time warp, Link can teleport, Link can stop time, Link can speed time, Link can slow time, Link can fast-forward days, Link can rewind days, Link can control the weather, Link can control sunlight, Link can control four enormous, humanoid guardian monstrosities, Link can grow one-hundred feet, Link can transform into an eldritch abomination rock monster, Link can turn into the fish thing from the deep, Link can turn into a demi-god, Link has invincible armour, Link can breathe underwater, Link can walk on water, Link can walk underwater, Link can walk through fires, Link can cause fires, Link has superstrength, Link has superspeed, Link has the power to control the wind, and Link has inexhaustible courage. The man is basically THE original badass. Granted, Cloud could counter a lot of that with materia, but even if the two do tie, the cards are seriously stacked in Link’s favour. :S

  41. And physically, if your estimate about Link’s height is true (5’6″), both Cloud and Link are close in height (Cloud is 5’8″), and both are, comparitively, fairly lean (and give faerie-boy a break–he’s around 18 at his oldest). So it’d be an interesting fight to say the least. Their opening moves alone would probably rape all the landscape in 20 kilometre radius.

  42. okay look guys sepiroth was a million times stronger ganandorf or whatever his name is… I love both series but most likely cloud would win. you have all obviously forgot about materia and the fact that cloud has like a gazillion of them. and for those of you who say cloud is not fast or agile have obviously not seen the movie or they haven’t put any though into magic materia like haste, stop. if you wanna see how good ff characters can fight watch dead fantasy and advent children then come back and make that statement. besides there shouldn’t be such a heated debate over something that will never happen.

  43. Let’s put this in Fighting Match terms.

    Link an Cloud are fighting in an arbitrary battle to prove which one is better.

    Links attacks
    Three Hit Combo
    Tsuibangeki [Ending Blow]
    Helm Splitter
    Arrows [Fire, Ice, Light]
    Mirror Shield
    Hookshot [With razor dagger]
    Claw shot [With claw for throwing]
    The 7 moves he learns from the wolves in twilight princess
    Din’s fire
    Nairyu’s love [Healing]
    Faore’s Wind, [Teleportation]
    Spin Attack
    Final Smash: Triforce Slash

    Link varies in moves and arsenal but lacks in brute head on strength. Skilled in tactics and able to turn into a wolf

    Buster Blade
    Dual Wield [Advent Children]
    Final Smash: Limit Break – OMNISLASH

    Cloud specializes in force and magic, skilled in head on strength. Skilled in tactics but limited in long ranged attacks.

    On a Mano a Mano Fight, this would be a ****ing awesome video!!! In the end both would be fighting to the limit.

    Final Smash Winner:
    Link – Triforce slash
    [Faster to execute, OMNISLASH in Advent is slower]

    Combo Winner:
    Cloud [With Dual Wield he could easily counter attack]

    Ranged Winner:
    Link [DOn’t need to explain]

    Blade On Blade Action [Biggoron Sword and Buster Blade Single Wield]:
    Link [Close Match but if cloud jumps higher, then link does helm splitter, then air spin attack when both become leveled, then start Tsuibangeki in air and finish it when both hit the ground.]

    Link Wins the match… both characters go back to their respective games, and all is well again.

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