There Are Still Good Things

treebeard.jpg Tree-Hugger Civilizer

Here’s your happy for the day.  The world’s most endangered species of cat, the Iberian lynx, its habitat shrinking due to human encroachment and mismanagement, and its prey species populations thinning due to disease, was thought to be on the way out.  Though a captive breeding program in its native Spain was reporting some success, the species was believed to be constricted to just two breeding grounds, and to be too small to be genetically sustainable.  Until, that is, those magnificent bastards at the World Wildlife Fund found a whole new population, in Castile la Mancha.


It’s enough to make me want to forgive them for forcing the World Wrestling Federation to become “World Wrestling Entertainment.”  Anyway, the discovery brings the total number of Iberian lynx to just 150 worldwide, still critically endangered, but the existence of a greater degree of genetic diversity is a significant boost to conservation efforts.  So, down but not out.




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