I Would Not Vote For Mike Huckabee At Gunpoint

walter-2.jpg Civilizer

I hope the results of the Iowa caucus demonstrate to the Republican party the dangers of participating in a hideous disfigurement of American democracy, one that resolves itself with the awarding of a publicity-laden burst of momentum to the preference of a decidedly unrepresentative slice of the U.S. electorate. The Republican leadership needs to consider this fact: at present, the face of their party to the nation and the world, the guy the spotlight is presently shining so brightly on, is a Southern Baptist minister who has evinced a risible ignorance of foreign affairs as well as proven to be alarmingly out of step with modern societal attitudes.

Remember when the National Intelligence Estimate was released in December, and it basically said that Iran does not now have, nor do they appear to be actively pursuing, a nuclear weapons program? Stopped the drumbeats of war, froze America’s bargaining leverage with China and Russia with regards to a nuclear stoppage, dominated the news for several days? Remember that?  Here is an exchange Mike Huckabee had with a reporter 31 HOURS after the NIE was released:

Reporter: I don’t know to what extent you have been briefed or been able to take a look at the NIE report that came out yesterday …
Huckabee: I’m sorry?
Reporter: The NIE report, the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran. Have you been briefed or been able to take a look at it –
Huckabee: No.
Reporter: Have you heard of the finding?
Huckabee: No.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have such an issue with Huckabee’s cluelessness abroad if the world worked more like Two-Buck Huck thinks it should at home. You know, with wives “submitting graciously” to their husbands. If only Iran, Pakistan, the janjaweed, Turkish Rebels, the LIJ, al-qaeda, Russia, Venezuela, and the Chinese would submit graciously to American leadership, everything would be swell and we could afford to have a Mike Huckabee-Chuck Norris administration.

Memo to the GOP:  if this guy is your candidate, you can kiss the election goodbye. He is now the frontrunner because both parties award a disproportionate amount of coverage to the winner of a flawed caucus system that places far too much power in the hands of an unacceptably small slice of voters who the rest of the country left behind a generation ago. All the progress that’s been made in the realms of science, gay rights, religious tolerance in the past 25 years? Sorry. Iowa wants Mike Huckabee. A general election crowd? We certainly don’t.


3 Responses

  1. wooooosh….

    you liberals get really bent on stuff like this.

    the republicans are throwing themselves on the swords of division not seen in it’s history.

    when all the bleeding is done by convention time there won’t be any republicans left to vote for the republican nominee.

    I am a Regan / G HW Bush Republican conservative. Old school pragmatist and New World realist.

    But in fact I will probably actually vote for Obama given the current crowd of clowns in my once proud party.

    So calm down, grab a martini or beer, and enjoy the show…. pleanty of panem et circenses (bread and circuses) yet to come. Complete with Christians thrown to the lions and gladitors beheading one another.

  2. Actually, I’m a Republican too, chief. Just one who is not happy about the party getting hijacked by the anti-Darwinists.

  3. witness….. the de-evolution of the species…..

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