You Wanted Superheroes, You Got ‘Em

ross-captain-america.jpg Super-Civilizer

I have written 93 posts on this blog.  Almost half of them have been about politics.  I have tried to illuminate at least a tiny corner of the blogosphere regarding topics as timely and varied as the 2008 presidential election, energy policy, Russian and Venezuelan malfeasance, and environmental developments.  Nevertheless, as I examine the search engine terms that lead people to this blog, far and away the most popular are not “Vladimir Putin” or “green energy” or “Barack Obama.”  No, they are instead “Silver Surfer” and “Cloud Strife,” superheroes from the Marvel universe and Final Fantasy VII, respectively.  Cloud is putting asses in seats because of my post explaining why he could kick Legend of Zelda’s Link’s ass in a fight.  I haven’t even blogged about Silver Surfer, I just put up a picture of him sailing the galaxy on his surfboard to cleverly illustrate the fact that I was at “50 posts and still cruising.”  I’d say that the Silver Surfer and Cloud have composed about 2% of this site’s total content.  And yet, if it weren’t for these two completely imaginary characters, my site traffic would probably be just 3/4 of what it is.  But rather than obstinately doubling-down on the political coverage, I’ve decided I’m going to go where the hits are in a blatant attempt at riding the Silver Surfer/Cloud Strife train all the way to the page-view jackpot.  You wanted Silver Surfer and Cloud Strife, interweb, then you’ve got ’em – the rest of this post will be nothing but a bunch of pictures for your clicking pleasure.  But let the record show that I am very disappointed in all of you.

annihilation-silver-surfer.jpg    rise-of-the-silver-surfer.jpg

cloud.jpg    cloud-with-buster-sword.jpg

the-silver-surfer.jpg    silver-surfer.jpg

cloud-in-advent-children.jpg    cloud-strife.jpg


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