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I was thinking today that Barack Obama can’t keep relying on his own oratory; it can only take him so far.  It’s been great for the primary, serving to perfectly contrast himself with his dour, nasty, petty shrew of an opponent.  But once we get to the general, it’s going to be same old, same old, we’ve heard this song before after a while.  He must keep his core of positivity, of course, but he’s going to need to freshen up his act.

So I’m watching Monday Night RAW the other night, and they announce the next two inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame: “High Chief” Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson.  They’re a father and son-in-law duo, Rocky being married to Peter’s daughter.  And Rocky’s son just so happens to be…The Rock himself.  The Great One.  The People’s Champ.  The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment.  And it occurs to me that there is Obama’s answer.

“Change You Can Believe In” is a fine catchphrase, but how awesome would it be if, at each one of Senator Obama’s campaign appearances, he finished up his speech and then The Rock took the mic and dropped the greatest catchphrase in all of wrestling, slightly modified, on a nation hungry for excitement:


IF YA SMELL…what BARACK…is…cookin’

Now there’s a message you can approve, Senator.


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  1. […] must say, I never thought I’d be dictating the rhetorical direction of the Democratic primary back on February 27th of this year, when I suggested that Barack Obama take The Rock out on the campaign trail with him to close the […]

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