Record Labels Hit The Downward Spiral (See What I Did There, Industrial Goths?)

walter-2.jpg Civilizer


Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails just released an album of 36 instrumental tracks that they produced and recorded themselves, without the assistance of a label, digitally on the Interwebsnet this past Sunday.  You could get 9 songs for free, the whole moody kit and caboodle for $5, pay $10 for the digital download plus a physical 2-disc set, $75 for a deluxe edition, and a whopping $300 bucks for a limited edition version that includes Reznor’s personal autograph.  So many people lined up to download that the site crashed.  The $300 version frigging sold out.  And 37% of people downloaded a version they have to pay for.

To review, and all you music industry types might want to write this down and then stab yourselves in the carotid with your Mont Blanc, because your business model is about dead:

Nine Inch Nails released an album of instrumental tracks that did not even have titles.  They recorded and produced it themselves.  They then distributed it on their own website.  A quarter of the album could be had for free.  So many people went to get it that the servers crashed.  And of those people, over a third paid at least $5.  A full 2,500 paid $300.  And the album didn’t even have any words!

Yanni?  Your move. 


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