Wrestlemania 24: Civilizer Is Not Amused

mr-kennedy.jpg Your World Heavyweight Champion, Civilizer

Mike Tyson.  Muhammad Ali.  Alice Cooper.  Pamela Anderson.  Lawrence Taylor.  Donald Trump.  The Fridge.  The San Diego Chicken.  OZZY OSBOURNE!


Yes, Wrestlemania has a long, proud, and impressive list of celebrities who have graced its bill.  So anybody mind telling me what the hell is the deal with World Wrestling Entertainment announcing Kim Kardashian as the official “guest hostess” of Wrestlemania XXIV?  Kim Kardashian?  Is no institution sacred?


I can absorb the body blow that was Diablo Cody’s “Best Original Screenplay” Oscar, and if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wants to defy all logic and good taste and enshrine a banal pop singer who managed to sustain most of her early career with nudism, fine.  BUT LEAVE WRESTLEMANIA ALONE!!

Those who have wedged themselves into the public eye on no merits other than being caught on tape having sex with a rapper and having a butt larger than the rest of her body would seem to require can dirty up lesser events like, say, the Boston Pops all they like, but should NOT be allowed anywhere near Wrestlemania.  For shame, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.  For shame sir.


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