Shall I Make Up The Gubernatorial Couch Again Tonight, Sir?

walter-2.jpg Civilizer

There is a silver lining for Eliot Spitzer.  He may have wrecked his marriage, cost himself the governorship, damaged his long-term political career, and taken himself off the VP list for the coming election, but he’s gotta look on the bright side.  At least the FBI affidavit, which reports the following details…

* Kristen, the prostitute, “liked him [Spitzer] and did not think he was difficult.”

* Spitzer did not ask the lady to “do things that, like, you might think were not safe,” and she was “OK with whatever went on.”

…might reveal him to be an adulterous cad, but it’s not like he’s a total perv or anything.


If only there was some sort of hooker scandal-related remark that fit with this picture…

And hey…he might even have coined a new political catchphrase!  I’m pushing hard – the next time a politician gets caught up in a prostitution sting, no matter that politician’s level of visibility or obscurity, I think we oughta say something like “Man, Senator Smith sure got Client 9’d, didn’t he?”


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