My Most Irrelevant Post So Far


 I keep seeing commercials for this show despite the fact that it’s based on a joke about three years past its expiration date, so help me out here people:  by way of leaving a comment, please let me know if anybody out there really watches Lil’ Bush, ’cause I think it’s only sticking around due to some kind of oversight at Comedy Central’s Department of Cancelling Crappy Shows.  I want a lot of comments so I can get a nice big sample size…don’t make me look stupid here, people.

Rich Little could suffer a massive stroke and still do better impressions than the ones on this show.


6 Responses

  1. Watched one episode to the frst commercial, haven’t been back.

  2. Not once, nor am I interested in doing so.

  3. While I agree many of the jokes have been stale and repetitive (especially if you watch South Park prior to, and Daily Show after), I fail to see the continued problems with the show.

    Now that’s it in its second season, the show (to me at least) has been reinvigorated with better stories. With the nearly half-hour stories (compared to S1’s 10-15 minute vignettes), the lessening of musical numbers (not a big fan of those, although the writers apparently were), and the increase in non-“Lil’ George” centered storylines (like those on George Sr. or the Lil’ Democrats), the episodes just seem to be getting better and better.

    Although the show unfortunately can never have the topicality of South Park, the characterization, which are sometimes spot-on and sometimes not so much, of modern and not-so-modern political figures in a sort of quasi-Muppet Babies/Pup Named Scooby-Doo world is the innovative part of the series. That’s So Bush was always focused on sitcom-related hijinks (set in the White House though) and featured only a few political figures, with very little real-world based impressions.

    Lil’ Bush has a sense of humor in itself (revealed most recently in the “Letters” section of the last episode) that is quite refreshing. The writers saw and addressed many of the so-called “problems” of the show, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek way. The jabs at Conservatives in the first season and liberals in the second (I love Lil’ John Kerry) show the attempt at balance the writers have in their world, making one wonder if their “Don’t Vote” campaign is actually sincere.

    Anyway, I had a bad first few viewings, but I’m glad I gave the show a, uh, fifth chance and see the merit in such an undertaking. I’m not sure how much longer this show can go, but they seem to have revamped the programming once already.

  4. Wow, I think that is the most complete, detailed thought ever proffered about Lil’ Bush. Congratulations sir, you win an “All Things In Their Place” windbreaker. Once I get around to having them made, there’s one with your name on it.

  5. Love the show, what better way to reach people who don’t care about politics about this administration. Rock the show!

  6. this show is funny as fuck.

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