Barack Obama Is Dead On About A Gas Tax Holiday


We’ve heard some really stupid stuff from the candidates during this primary season, most of it from Hillary Clinton as she tries to explain why the popular vote, number of states won, and number of pledged delegates won should not determine who gets the Democratic nomination, but I think the most stupid thus far has been Clinton and John McCain’s endorsement of a gas tax holiday. The gas tax, an 18.4 cents per gallon charge (24.4 cents for diesel), is basically a fund-raiser for America’s transportation infrastructure: 15.44 cents goes into the Highway Trust Fund, 2.86 cents goes into the Mass Transit Account, and 1 cent goes to repair underground storage facilities (possibly the facilities where we are storing the aliens).

Transportation infrastructure. Not exactly a frivolous and wasteful government expenditure, like when the CIA and U.S. Army threw a bunch of money at psychic spies, or the National Endowment for the Arts. If I’m going to pay taxes for a government program, it’s going to be for one of two things:

1. “War To Your Door” Carrier Battle Groups

2. Roads

The gas tax doesn’t do much for CBGs, but it’s crucial for the highway system. And McCain’s proposal would cost the government $9 billion in revenue, jeopardizing 300,000 jobs. Clinton’s is little better, or smarter. All for savings of $28 per driver. Great. So the highways deteriorate further than they already have, and maybe we get another bridge collapse, but I can score the two-disc Special Edition of Cloverfield. It’s no wonder that seemingly every person in America who has ever cracked an economics textbook has called the plan “ridiculous” or something like it.

Yeah, who needs highway funding.  Dirt roads like this one will do just fine, and often provide a great opportunity to show the kids their first cow, sheep, or horsie. 

So good for Obama for calling it a “gimmick.” That’s exactly what it is – myopic, moronic, and utterly unecessary. I have found it infuriating over the past several days listening to Clinton attack Obama for his “judgment” because he was a member of hilarious loon Jerry Wright’s church for 20 years while she floats this catastrophe of a policy. Obama might have a liability for a former pastor, but Clinton is good at nothing but kissing babies and kissing voters’ asses.


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