Trent Reznor Has Enough Ferraris, Apparently

I’m starting to think that somebody at one of the record labels backed over Trent Reznor’s dog. First the guy releases a brand new instrumental Nine Inch Nails album, Ghosts 1-4, on the NIN website, completely independent of any industry machinery. And he makes 1/4 of the album available for free. So many people rush to download it that the server crashes, and Reznor proves that an artist at his level of popularity doesn’t need a label to do a damn thing…so Warner Brothers, EMI, and the lot of them can kiss that revenue goodbye. And that’s just off an instrumental album, it’s not like NIN dumped Year Zero out there for free or anything.

And now, gratuitously rubbing salt in the wound, Reznor goes and “drops” the new NIN record, The Slip, a real-album-with-lyrics-and-everything-no-fake, out there on the NIN website, totally for free. Not “download a low-fi version free and give me $9.99 for high-quality MP3,” but any format you want, including the audiophile geeky ones I’ve never heard of, for nothin’.


Next up? Oh yes…


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