The Sci-Fi Nerd Future Is Now, Part One


Jet packs!  I know I’ve written several times about the need for clean energy technologies, alternate fuels, the end of the infernal combustion engine, etc, but I think we can all agree the future would be a much better one if we all had jet packs.  Well, we’re closer.

Meet Yves Rossy.  A Swiss inventor who proves that when countries stick to a position of neutrality, it frees up a lot of time to invent kick-ass contraptions.  I never thought the Swiss would top their famous knife, but Mr. Rossy proved me wrong today.

The former fighter pilot strapped a jet engine with wings that he invented onto his back and flew across part of the Swiss Alps.  He hit 186 miles per hour.  He went as high as 2,600 feet. 

Jet packs!  More on personal flight vehicles later this week, in the second of my impromptu-part series (see what I did there?), “The Sci-Fi Nerd Future Is Now.”


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