All Things In Their Place Endorses Gay Marriage


So Califor-ni-yay is all atwitter about the recent gay marriage ruling, and conservative groups are about to put their full weight behind stopping Adam and Steve from destroying the sanctity presently enjoyed by only Adam and Eve (different Adam, I would think). 

And if all these conservatives are as fat as Rush Limbaugh, that’s a lot of weight!  (Hi-oh!)

Look, people: 


There are 6.7 billion people on this planet, and counting. Planetary resources – oil, water, greenspace, you name it – are going the other way. The human population is and has been for some time seriously stressing the balance of planet Earth, and more and more people in the same amount of space creates conflict and resource scarcity.  Therefore, marriages that are biologically incapable of producing more of us should be not only legal, but encouraged.





2 Responses

  1. Sorry but your premise sounds pretty stupid to me, and a formula for the extinction of humanity.

  2. That’s why we have Gay Marriage in Spain! 😉

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