It’s The All Things In Their Place One-Year Blog-iversary!

One year, 150 posts, one comment from a bona fide MIT genius, 3,032 hits from people searching “middle finger” alone, and thousands of man-hours saved worldwide from people who stopped thinking about important issues once they read this blog and just let me do it for them.

Been a good year.  Tell your friends.


One Response

  1. Some of your criticism’s of your own party are refreshing, but ultimately just another liberal blog. *yawn* Not as horrifying as DailyKos or Huffingtonpost, but a feat like that would require the grace & sophistication that only /4Chan could muster.

    p.s. If Rupert Murdoch were responsible for the Abomination that is the modern incarnation of MSNBC, or Ted Turners CNN which has been unseated from the MLN ( most liberal network ) Thrown, then I’d have to agree with you. Then he’d deserve to be cut.

    Full agreement on Bill Bellichick, though. Keep up the good work on the sports commentary though.

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