When Science And Slang Collide

From the “I’ll bet there were a lot of people who went away disappointed after clicking the link” department:

And don’t even try to tell me that the headline writer at the Beeb didn’t know exactly what he was doing.


100 Posts! I Thought This Would Hold My Interest For 12, Tops

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This is the 100th post on All Things In Their Place.  I swear, I never thought I would still be doing this.  The odds are stacked against any new blogger – most of them grossly overestimate the audience for poorly punctuated histrionics, political jeremiads, and One Tree Hill-style emoting.  Even for bloggers like me, who try and avoid the latter categories in favor of marginally well-informed, snarky political stuff, writing each post is an exhausting exercise in self-discipline as merely being on the internet doing research for a post is like skiing a slalom course of distraction.  Just in attempting to write this paragraph, which has taken about 90 seconds of actual typing, I have spent 17 minutes watching the infamous “lightning bolt” LARPing video on YouTube.  So I don’t blame you if you read my first post back in June of 2007 and thought “This thing’s dead by the 4th of July.”  But nevertheless, I’m still going.  So I thought that the best way to celebrate my 100th post would be to highlight a few other people or things that no one thought would last as long as they have.  Starting with…


1.  “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair – In one week’s time, Ric Flair will be 59 years old.  Fifty-nine!  And not only is he still wrestling, he’s still, at worst, a mid-carder with World Wrestling Entertainment.  Not stumbling around some cow palace in Gary, Indiana or doing drunken, rambling shoot interviews for a couple bucks, but wrestling pay-per-views for WWE.  That’s like being 59 years old and still turning in 1,000-yard seasons in the NFL.  Just last night, the guy beat Mr. Kennedy clean with the figure-four leglock!  Yes, I think it’s fair to say that Ric Flair is the “All Things In Their Place of Professional Wrestling.”


2.  Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign – on May 3rd, 2007, the moderator asked all those on the stage who do not believe in evolution to raise their hands.  Mike Huckabee raised his hand.  Jon Stewart, among others, pronounced his candidacy immediately dead (go to the 4:00 mark).  It is now February 18th, 2008.  He is still in the race.  Dammit America, get it together and quit giving this guy delegates!  Seriously!


3.  The rap music – no melody, vulgar language, no singing, most of the songs are about butts, no ass-kicking guitar solos, and yet it’s still around and, I’m told, quite popular with the young people.  Hey, takes all kinds I guess.

So there you go – three other people or things that beat the odds, just like ATITP did.  But for the record, if out of those three it’s Mike Huckabee who is still around 100 posts from now, I am going lightning bolt all over his ass.

Today’s GOP: Missing The Middle By A Mile

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So before, Republican voters had to choose between a philandering, pro-abortion Yankee who may be, clinically, batshit insane and a guy who believes that the Garden of Eden was originally located in Jackson County, Missouri.  And now they’ve got a third option, a very nice man who always has a folksy, somewhat morbid quip at the ready, and who thinks the Book of Genesis actually happened.   

 Good luck in the general election guys!

Just sayin’

Doonesbury Evolution

If you think the Book of Genesis actually happened, you might want to click here instead.