This Should Make Your Day


I’m Back!



We now resume our normal posting schedule. 

The First Post Should be the Rosetta Stone

By way of introduction to the blogosphere, I’m going to say this:

Hey, everybody – next time you’re in your cars, take a good long look at the steering wheel.  On the left-hand side of the wheel should be a little stick.  Fiddle with it for a second.  You’ll probably find that you can push it up or down.  Now, while you’re having fun fiddling with the stick, look up at the dashboard.  I bet dollars to doughnuts that you will see two different arrows flashing.  If you push the stick down, the one pointing left flashes.  If you push the stick up, the one pointing right flashes.  Am I right?  I’m right, aren’t I?  Well, that magical little stick sprouting from your steering wheel is what’s referred to by Detroit as your “turn signal.”  When you are on the road and are about to turn down another street, or you’re on the highway and about to change lanes or merge on/off, you just hit that little stick.  When you do that, it activates a blinking light on the front and rear light matrix of your car, helpfully letting other drivers know that you intend to change your driving direction and allowing them to adjust their driving accordingly.  Now the car companies just rolled this new-fangled feature out for wide-scale distribution in 1938 so I realize this is new technology and probably pretty tough to get used to.  But I really think that if everybody gets used to using them, we’ll find ourselves just thatmuch closer to living in a safe, courteous Utopia.  So remember:  little stick, left side of steering wheel, goes up and down, nice thing to have.  Make a note of it.