Pardon My Drool

 King Civilizer

Death Magnetic album cover’s out! 

Get it?!  It’s magnetic filings, pulling together in the shape of a coffin, which is where you go after death!  Metal!


It Is Named

 King Civilizer

Metallica has released the album title for their please-God-be-better-than-St. Anger follow-up to St. Anger:

This is huge news here on All Things In Their Place.  And so far, it sounds, mercifully, MUCH better than St. Anger.

The Sci-Fi Nerd Future Is Now, Part One


Jet packs!  I know I’ve written several times about the need for clean energy technologies, alternate fuels, the end of the infernal combustion engine, etc, but I think we can all agree the future would be a much better one if we all had jet packs.  Well, we’re closer.

Meet Yves Rossy.  A Swiss inventor who proves that when countries stick to a position of neutrality, it frees up a lot of time to invent kick-ass contraptions.  I never thought the Swiss would top their famous knife, but Mr. Rossy proved me wrong today.

The former fighter pilot strapped a jet engine with wings that he invented onto his back and flew across part of the Swiss Alps.  He hit 186 miles per hour.  He went as high as 2,600 feet. 

Jet packs!  More on personal flight vehicles later this week, in the second of my impromptu-part series (see what I did there?), “The Sci-Fi Nerd Future Is Now.”

Truly We Are Living In Humanity’s Golden Age


Elite Eight!


Suck it, Huggins

The Middle Finger Of The Apocalypse Curse Is 1-0

sporting-civilizer.jpg Sporting Civilizer


They said the game was all but academic.  They said an upset would not happen.  They said that the New England Patriots were sure-things to win this year’s Super Bowl.  But what they failed to recall was that Bill Belichick was, as a recipient of this blog’s Middle Finger of the Apocalypse award, cursed and would therefore not be able to lead his merry band of cheaters to the 19-0 promised land.  Mark it down, America – with the NFL history witnessed tonight, All Things In Their Place is now the most powerful and nefarious force on the interweb.  Watch your back, Harold Bloom.

On a marginally related note, I’m predicting that tonight’s break-out Super Bowl commercial character will be the E*trade Baby.

Obama Defeats Truman!

walter-2.jpg Civilizer

I’m no fan of Hillary, obviously.  But as a voter and a political observer just sick to death of news outlets throwing poll numbers around as though they provide palantír-level accuracy and smugly reporting the news as though it’s a month in the future and their predictions about the present have already come true, it’s been great fun to watch while the pundits stumble dazedly through the broadcast day looking like frogs staring directly into a klieg light. 

And it’s also swell when you google “Obama landslide” and this is your result when you click on Daily Kos‘ banner prediction of same:


Ha!  “Prediction?  What prediction?”